Monday, 13 April 2009

Buttock Injections, why they are very risky

Buttock injections have potentially incredible results. You can go to your doctor’s office, walk in flat, and walk out Bam! Reads just like a Wonder bra commercial, right? There lies the problem and potential for danger.

Under normal circumstances, anybody considering a plastic surgery would plan and think and maybe even interview a few plastic surgeons while considering the procedure.

Now with Buttocks injections, the fact that there is no waiting and the likelihood of instant projection (and I mean instant!) in about two hours can change intelligent, calm women into crazed impulse buyers, i.e. ...I want this is right now, I want this today!! Picture your favorite clothing store turning into a dollar store for only one day. Get the picture?

Buttocks injection is a surgical procedure that will change the shape of your body and will inject a body filler (Hydrogel or PMMA) into your body that you get to keep for life. Why does the regular mental process of thinking, preparing and exploring options just fly out the window, with buttock injections? Lots of causes, let’s take a look at some of them

• Injectable fillers (Hydrogel or PMMA) are not thought of as a real surgery by a lot people. This incorrect view needs to be modified to... anything that goes in your body to stay should be considered a serious surgery. A lot of people really do think of this as just a shot at the Doc....

• The shear instant gratification that is possible with injectable fillers is hypnotic. You can really go from a flat backside to a beautiful, curvaceous rear in an hour or two. This is what makes a lot of women act rashly. I know that I personally have to be careful about being impulsive. You need to take a deep breath, take a step back and really remind of yourself that it’s a plastic surgery.

• Cost of buttocks injections plays a role in this as well. Considering that you can get more natural results with injectable fillers than traditional implants. The price is extremely inexpensive. Buttock augmentation with Injections is about half (often a third) the price of getting implants. The recovery time is also a factor as well butt injections have a down time of two days instead of three weeks.

All these reasons add up to a lot of normal women getting injections on impulse. Excellent advice to anyone contemplating getting body fillers for their buttocks is actually very simple, go slow. Take the same care that you would if say, you were considering a tummy tuck. Do your research look at lots of photos to get you ready and to have honest, realistic expectations. Select your doctors very carefully and be absolutely positive that they have years of experience in buttocks work. Which with Injections often means going out of the States to find the most experienced doctors, as this is not a main stay, popular surgery in the U.S. With a little homework you can get that spectacular buttock enhancement you really want to be safe and secure along the way.
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